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Language Log

Monday, Jun. 11, 2012 - 6:03 a.m.

Read Nessus(fellow dlander)'s summary and improvements on Prometheus. Rather enjoyed it. (He doesn't have notes, so cannot mention this to him directly. Probably doesn't read me, but just in case, there it is). I don't plan to see the movie (my movie-going is so attenuated, I have to hold off for the really good stuff), so the spoilers don't bother me. He seems to have some good points.

Leaving this morning for our sojourn in Memphis/NJ/Long Island. Nngh. Wonder what thing crucial to my mental well-being I'll forget this time. Or, more likely, what extra crap I don't need that I'll be hauling around anyway. Other than my attitude.

We actually downloaded some classic Sesame St. episodes to keep Q occupied on the plane. Brave new territory. I am strangely reluctant, even though I have no beef with The Street. Probably it's the merchandising, but she's already got her share of that, so I dunno. Wanted Miyazaki films, but they weren't available for iPad. I guess I'm afraid she'll agitate for it constantly after that, and my experiment with no TV will be at an end. All downhill from there.

Did I mention I'm reading Railsea? The new Mieville book? It's being marketed as YA lit, but for the life of me I can't see why. Perhaps there will be less gore than usual, and the ending will not be quite so dismal for all the main characters. No sex? Mieville doesn't bother with that much anyway. But he rocks the English language as hard as ever, and the world he's built, together with its native worldview, are as complex and alien as I've come to expect from him. Don't know what makes YA lit YA lit these days, I suppose. I think it's a category that's been improved on significantly since I myself was a young adult who foraged through the adult section since the children's section had nothing left I wanted to read.

Ok, better go finish packing.

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