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Tuesday, Jun. 12, 2012 - 7:44 a.m.

Made it here. Not the bed plane ride ever. Q very unhappy and undernapped. There was bellowing of "NO". Sesame Street did not work long enough. She finally fell asleep as we we touching down. But it's over now.

Oh, and no airconditioning in our room (it's on a different unit than the rest of the house). Hoping that will get fixed today.

We test-drove the name for the baby on BIL. He hated it. I'm not surprised, I guess, though J was. BIL called it "weird", although the first name is a perfectly standard, if old-fashioned, name.

He fancies himself "weird" and has accused me of being insufficiently so (sort of a 10-year-old girl concern, but whatever), but is totally cool with making judgments like that. That's not weird, that's lame.

So anyway, now we know not to tell the parents until later since we'd apparently have to endure 3+ months of "we're begging you to reconsider!". Which was annoying enough last time. Would rather not go through it again.

Discussing houses with them again last night, got another lecture from FIL about how we should consider school districts first before we start looking because Q will probably be a challenge for schooling, like J and his brother (and I) were. 1. we got that worked out. Really. (not that we could say so) 2. J complained that they were acting like we're damn fools, if they think we wouldn't realize we have to check out a neighborhood thoroughly before buying something there. She said they knew we would; FIL was just making conversation. So apparently they just don't notice when "conversation" starts pushing over into "insultingly paternalistic and preachy" territory.

Anyhow, looks like someone may have made an offer on the awesome house. Poo.

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