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Language Log

Sunday, Jun. 24, 2012 - 3:12 p.m.

Somehow just over the course of the day I have gone from handling it all very well to beyond fucking annoyed. Maybe it was the process of going through Q's old clothes and picking out things that are gender neutral enough for the boy. (those socks have LAVENDER stripes! Theyre too girly!) Perhaps it was that in the midst of that, mil kept finding things that had not been worn and wanting to know why they hadn't been. "because they're all pink". "because we had more clothes than we needed and we chose to dress her in the ones that we liked more." or as to why then some set of such clothes I would probably not want to keep and give to someone else as a baby gift: "I suppose it would be ok if I didn't really know them." "why, don't you like it?" "well, I wouldn't pick it out for someone. It's fine. But not very personal. Yeah, that's a more diplomatic way to say it.". Diplomacy is running a bit thin around here. Or my favorite, "do you remember who gave you that?" No, unless they made it themselves, no, I don't.

Top that off with a couple of thoughtless jokes about women and hormones, and you've got me ready to go home, like, tomorrow rather than expend the energy necessary to hold my tongue. All the energy I expend on that, you'd think I'd lose weight while I'm here.

All because Q hasn't taken a timely nap today. If she had, I could have slept through the whole damn thing.

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