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Thursday, Jun. 28, 2012 - 5:52 a.m.

Zantac seems to be doing the trick for my perpetual heartburn. Yay. My sinuses are still in trouble, though. Just on one side of my face. My upper teeth ache and make it painful to chew, but I think it's just sinus pressure, because the bones around my eye hurt, too. I really really want it to clear up before I have to get on the plane back to AZ. Also I would like to sleep soundly again.

I find that I keep fantasizing about moving back to Indiana. My new town has not charmed me. The main reasons not to jump wholeheartedly on this train of thought are: 1) winter; 2) tornadoes; 3) disagreeable professional life for J.

The plus side: 1) I can grow stuff; 2) safer; 3) I know people there; 4) not as much driving; 5) better farmer's market; 6) strong sense of community, beyond who I personally know. That really doesnt come through in Tucson. Those are the main ones. The community radio is better. More bluegrass. Also, I kind of liked autumn. And spring. Just not winter. Peaches. Setting aside the communal aspects of the farmer's market entirely, there are the peaches to consider.

Driving distance to family. I hate air travel with children, and it's expensive. I'm glad we're not compelled to go visit every time we have a week off, but still. But of course, now we've moved my mom to AZ. I think she would kill us if we tried to move her again (to IN, no less).

I need to find a way to love my new home.

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