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Language Log

Friday, Jun. 29, 2012 - 7:26 a.m.

An example of how nice my in-laws are, because I don't give those examples often enough: bil sent me a snail-mail sympathy card for the passing of Ballyhoo. It was MIL's idea, but she had it because they had been having a conversation about it and he clearly felt really bad for me. So that was sweet.

And they got me some antibiotics, so with luck my sinus infection will finally go away. Let's hope so. Yesterday it hurt to put that side of my face on my pillow.

Q makes me play her toy trumpet now. She's a good, if demanding, audience. She dances around or listens attentively to my bad toy-trumpet playing. Maybe when I get home I'll have to break out my guitar. If I can figure out how to get it out of the closet without causing a major stuffalanche.

Now to my complaints: 1) FlL sticking forkfulls of farmer's cheese in Q's mouth at breakfast when she has not asked for any. "but we're sharing!" "and that's great, if she's indicated she wants some. But please don't just put it in her mouth if she hasn't asked for it.".

2) out at dinner, trying to figure out what Q's side should be instead of fries. She has chosen cheeseburger for her main. Mil suggests potato skins. "she could have the bacon!" "she doesn't eat potato very much. And I don't really want her just having a side of cheese and bacon to go with her main of cheeseburger." "ooookkkaaayy." [delivered in that 'your reasoning baffles me but you're the mother so whatever' tone of voice].

So they still think I'm a nutrition fascist, I guess. Whatever.

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