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Language Log

Friday, Jul. 13, 2012 - 6:36 a.m.

And then yesterday evening we went to visit our friends who are here for the month-- they have 2 children, one almost exactly Q's age. At first she didn't want to go into their house, so we went for a walk to the playground and they played a while. She let them ride in her wagon with her back to their house. Then we lured her inside with the promise of ice cream, and as soon as she was done she wanted to go, but on the way out the older girl fell onto the rug and Q thought it was amusing and started dancing around and then they all started horsing around and we were there another hour or so. At the end she gave them hugs.

See? She just has to get used to people. Sounds familiar, eh?

And how to teach her how to give people a chance before just wanting to leave? I don't know, I haven't figured that one out myself. I may not be much help with that. I always hated being forced, though. I don't think it helped. Encouragement is one thing, forcing is another.

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