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Language Log

Saturday, Jul. 14, 2012 - 6:43 a.m.

Dinner at our friends'. Q was happy to go this time. There was more dancing, throwing of stuffed animals into the air (including sharing of animals for that purpose!), and climbing up the bunk bed.

Speaking of homeschooling (we were!), friend inquired after our schooling plans. I explained. She was neutral about it. Not down on it (and I had mentioned that we had not really researched schools thoroughly yet and may change our minds depending on what we might find), but suggested that in a city like this there might be schools with classes particularly good for Q in whatever her talents turn out to be. Yeah, might be true. But still and all. I think I need to go ahead and write my manifesto and memorize it for when the subject comes up. And begin to compile research and references on each topic for when the in-laws have to be informed. THAT will be a conversation. Epic.

I hope I have an open enough mind to change it if it turns out it really isn't a good idea. Or if she doesn't want it. I do get stuck in my "I'm going to do this my own way dammit, screw the prevalent norms", even when it turns out to be suboptimal. I have been known to swim upstream for its own sake. But then, I think J is less likely to get sucked into that sort of thing and will make sure we rethink things when/if necessary.

I'm not really sure what the argument in _favor_ of traditional schooling is in cases where the family does have the education/motivation and resources to do it themselves. Socialization? I doubt it. My hunch is that it's a matter of tradition, or so much part of the landscape of growing up that not many stop to notice that there is a choice there and to consider all options before proceeding.

Also, homeschooling is a lot of work. That may be what does me in, if anything.

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