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Thursday, Jul. 26, 2012 - 7:25 a.m.

A couple of articles circulating about how the medical community (a whole issue of the BMJ, I believe) is taking on the claims of sports drinks manufacturers. Basically, the conclusion is it's mostly crappy science "backing up" the claims, and children should not be given sports drinks, even if they did just play soccer for an hour.

So I wanted to post the following on FB, but I don't want everyone there to see me being all judgy, so I've come here where I let my Judgemental bits hang out all the time.

(All that run-up for one line? Yes!): Saw a woman and two older children at the park the other day taking turns feeding capfuls of Gatorade to a 4-5 month old infant. Aaaccckkk! Why, why, WHY???

Am also reminded of a story my mil tells about one of her friends with her granddaughter, at the time about the same age as the above tiny baby. Grandma kept sticking her finger in her Coke and feeding it to the baby. Because, you know, it's never too early to get them familiarized with the flavor of soda. It's got such important nutrients in it, we can't risk her growing up not liking it. Because that happens all the time. (No, I assume that wasn't what grandma thought. I guess she thought it would just be fun.)

Oh, and while I'm at it, saw a couple of little girls at the airport last time we were there, maybe 3 and 4 years old, decked out in skintight jeans and high heels. Their mother (or grandmother?) seemed to be West African-- I tried on the "cultural differences" explanation to see if it made me feel any differently, but it didn't. Not when they were all in the US, and not when I know darn well that the sexual violence against women is not exactly less prominent in African countries than it is here.

Okay, removing mean judgmental hat and putting shiny hat of acceptance and tolerance back on.

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