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Language Log

Thursday, Aug. 02, 2012 - 7:24 a.m.

Went up to Phx yesterday-- got a late start and so Q got only a fraction of the time she would have liked at the Children's Museum. Neither people in Phx nor Tucson seem to understand why we would drive all the way up there for anything other than the airport. But we got in the habit of the daytrip in Indiana, and driving around Tucson just isn't the same. Plus they do have stuff we don't have here. Bigger Children's Museum. Buy Buy Baby. Ikea. And a restaurant that primarily serves cornish pasties. (Dinner. Yum. All that talk of pie got to us, I suppose.)

We spent the whole damn time brainstorming about name ideas, and we still don't have anything I consider truly satisfactory. There are a handful of names we like, but in certain combinations they're a bit too much, but when we sub in a different name (even another one from the "awesome" list), I really want the one that got axed. We need a reliable algorithm. There's a good name: "Reliable Algorithm".

Anyhow. Doc appt today, wherein we shall see whether or not my placenta has gotten with the program.

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