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Tuesday, Aug. 07, 2012 - 7:09 a.m.

Tired. Both of us have a lot to do, and we have to do it all while juggling Q, who occasionally falls asleep in the late afternoon, late enough that we can't get any of our own work done because we have to wake her up shortly anyway. Or because we fall asleep next to her because that's a nice thing to do when we're tired. But then she stays up till 11 or 11:30. Perpetuating the cycle of exhaustion. I could work 4-5 hours a day until I get these orders out, but it's hard to make that happen, especially when any time past 2 pm pretty much all I can do is sit and stare.

I made a plum pie. It was too runny. More cornstarch with juicy fruit. Remember that. Good with ice cream, though.

I brought out a bag of silky scarves for us to play and dance with. 3 had been in her closet, but we hadn't played with them in months. I brought those out first, then found the big bag full. She dumped the big bag full out on the floor, but when I tried to play with them, she protested fiercely and handed me the (frankly rather ugly) scarves from her room. Would not let me play with the other scarves (nor did so herself), not even the one with fish on it. TOO MUCH NOVELTY. *sigh* I'm beginning to suspect my kid is weird.

And I'm having another one next month. NEXT MONTH.


Things to do:
Go on tour of hospital.
Meet with doula.
Make place for crib.
Clear dresser for changing pad.
Install toilet diaper-squirty thing.
Buy a freezer and fill it with homemade meals so we won't end up eating pizza the first 3 months.
Clear out a place to put said freezer.
Figure out where we're going to put all the new baby clothes.

I recently read a post from a person who was looking for ideas for making/organizing a dedicated project space in her small home. It was a family of 6 in an 850 sq. ft. house. So I think we don't have it that bad, but we are epically disorganized. I have a whole large box full of semi-dressy fall jackets and other stuff that I haven't needed to look at for a whole year now. Probably I should just get rid of them.

Sorry, rambling. Tired. Anxious. Need to go make jewelry.

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