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Language Log

Thursday, Aug. 09, 2012 - 7:11 a.m.

Following the ideas of the project-based learning folks, made a bulletin board for Q to put pictures of herself on. Pictures playing with her instruments, etc. I didn't use thumbtacks (I don't _think_ she'd try ingesting them, but you never know), did one of those ribbon board numbers. Well, she will not allow the pictures to stay on the board. Too soon. Perhaps a scrapbook.

Two other firsts yesterday, just when I was beginning to despair-- she asked me to play the "marimba" (a badly tuned toy xylophone), and then later actually started playing it herself. Then at bedtime, out of nowhere, asked me to play the harmonica. She never lets me play the harmonica! So not only did I play it, but then she launched into singing an improvised song about Mr. Puddles, her stuffed penguin. I'm not sure what the words were, other than "Mr. Puddles", but it definitely had song structure. It was very punk rock.

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