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Language Log

Tuesday, Aug. 14, 2012 - 6:31 a.m.

People ask me when I'm due and when I tell them they inevitably say, "You look good!". I'm not sure what that means. How do they expect me to look? Sweaty and bloated?

According to my scale, I have not gained any weight for like a month. No matter what (like yesterday, 3 chocolate chip cookies and a small Blizzard failed to make an impression). That's kind of weird.

Anyway. Still working on filling these orders. Am reading "The Night Circus". I'm liking it, even though it's almost a stereotype of a particular popular aesthetic. It's an aesthetic I enjoy, fortunately. All Victorian with weirdos in bowlers and stripes. The photo of the author on the back really annoys me, though.

Imagining what Billy Collins would have to say about my mornings. I have the self-referential, humble tone down (he would mention my toast, my tea, and the question of what a good poem would have to say after that), but can't work in the right note of transcendence. That is why I am not an ex-Poet Laureate.

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