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Language Log

Friday, Aug. 31, 2012 - 6:58 a.m.

Finally told my mom about the name. She said she had guessed what the first name would be, even though we hadn't given any indication that it was even under consideration. The second name she liked less, predictably, but said she liked it better than Q's middle. So that's something. It wasn't too bad. I told her about how we'd had to email the news to J's parents so as to give them time to get a grip before they reacted, and how given how long we took trying to come up with the right name, we just don't need anyone trying to talk us out of it. I think my mom kind of likes being a counterpoint to J's parents in some ways, so she ended by being very supportive. Hurrah.

But she also offered a brief, unsolicited critique of our parenting style. "You let that little girl run you. You've given her so much love and attention that I don't know what she's going to do when there's someone else in the house that she has to share you with. You need to take time for YOU, too."

Couple of different things going on there (I couldn't get her to give specific examples of what she thinks we ought to be doing), but I guess she's advocating, what? Systematically ignoring our child's emotional needs for a while, just so she'll get a taste of what that's like? Great plan! Reminds me a bit of how my ex used to occasionally steal my wallet just to "teach me a lesson" about not leaving my wallet somewhere that some asshole could steal it. (Yeah, that happened. Asshole.)

She said she'd keep her mouth shut again now, hope she does.

Moving on...

At the doc, mostly upon MIL's request (although I will not deny my own curiosity played a role as well;"Please ask your doctor...", MIL had written, as if a) I would not think to ask these things myself or b) that the doc would do such intimate poking and prodding and then not actually tell me anything about it), I had them check to see where the baby was, how my cervix was doing, etc. (TMI? Get over it.) Anyway, that shit hurt, and I bled a little for the rest of the day. So if anyone else has any more curiosity about my cervix, they can go fuck themselves, I am not doing that again unless absolutely necessary.

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