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Language Log

Sunday, Sept. 02, 2012 - 6:44 a.m.

Q powered right on through past nap time yesterday, then spontaneously collapsed into sleep at 7:30pm. We thought there was a good chance she'd wake up at 10:30 after a nap and then want to play all night, but no. Second prediction was that she'd wake at 5:30am, but no on that score, too. I've had a chance to make tea, have some zucchini bread, and browse the internet a little, so I'm satisfied. Now if only I hadn't lain awake in bed from 2:30-5 or so, I'd be in fine fettle indeed.

At the park yesterday there were people having a party. They saw me eyeballing their grilling setup, and invited us to have some fish with them. I politely declined, and then immediately started fretting over whether that was rude, to have turned down hospitality. Then a few minutes later, they brought us over a couple of Eegees slushies. So that was really nice. People can be nice.

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