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Tuesday, Sept. 04, 2012 - 7:15 a.m.

Yeah anyway, onions.

Last night was awoken by contractions. Not quite sure what's going on. They felt like real ones, but eventually stopped when I changed positions. But then they started up again a couple more times before I finally got up. But then stopped. I checked websites for "signs of labor" at 4am. The information provided seemed a lot more useful before anything was actually happening. If it's the real deal, they won't go away. But the not-real ones aren't supposed to feel like this. So I'm confused.

All I know is, a) I'd really like to finish this current order up and get it in the mail and b) I just started a new batch of sourdough starter that I'd just as soon not abandon halfway through the initial feeding cycle. Also, we were going to go to Phx to the children's museum today, and I'd like to know for sure if that's not a good idea.

They do seem to still be going on now that I'm up. They don't feel as unpleasant, I guess because I'm not just laying there in the dark with nothing else to focus on, but still. So, hmm.

If it's not a sign of things getting going, I hope it isn't a regular occurrence, because you know what? It's difficult to sleep when you're having contractions.

Oh, yes, and the weird bug things in our ceiling, we have hypothesized them to be termites. They keep coming back. I vacuum up the dangly bug tube, and the next day, it's back. The day after that, it's 2 inches long. By the end of the day, 3. Then I go, "Aaaaiigh!!!" and vacuum it again. So they seem to be coming out of the ceiling itself. Landlord contacted. This is when we really like renting rather than owning.

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