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Language Log

Monday, Oct. 08, 2012 - 6:57 a.m.

Just when I think I'm doing better, I forget to take the 800mg ibuprofen, and discover that that's all that's been holding me together.

One more word about the birth experience. People are big on saying how strong I was, etc. One likes to hear that, but truth is, I was a total wuss. It hurt much more than I thought it would, and I lacked even the determination to get through it. It's just that by the time I was ready to give up, there was no choice. Well, I suppose they would have gotten him out somehow. But I dunno. I just wanted to stop. Everything on my birth plan except "no c-section, no bottle-feeding" went straight out the window. No biggie, it's just funny. Sort of.

I think of all the women most places, most times, for whom giving up would have meant choosing death. Anyway, I am the least of them.

On a brighter note, U is adorable and generally pretty easygoing. I am mighty glad he's here. He's not 2 weeks old yet, but he's already outgrown his newborn clothes and is wearing 3 month size now.

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