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Language Log

Monday, Oct. 22, 2012 - 5:48 a.m.

So in the couple weeks mil took Q to gym, she got to know every mother there. I still have incredibly awkward exchanges, if I have them at all, even in the aftermath of U's birth (usually a bit of an icebreaker, I'd imagine). Ok, big surprise. The other day one of them tried to chat about educational options-- when Q would be starting school, have I looked into any schools etc. I tried to avoid it, but finally said, "well, actually I'm thinking about homeschooling." "Oh." Then she wandered off. Guess she thinks we're religious nuts now. Hah hah.

Just what I needed, an additional impediment to relating to other humans. Homeschooling already adversely affecting my socialization. Oh well.

Accomplished some things on my list. Carved jack o lanterns with Q. She directed me in the appearance of 2 of them (would not draw the faces herself). Wanted both of them to be frowning. That's my girl.

Went to the antique mall and purchased a small assortment of vintage bakeware and ironic recipe pamphlets. 2 bundt pans to replace the irritating Williams-Sonoma ones. A 6-muffin tin where the cups are square. A pamphlet about cooking with various electronic appliances. First page tells us how to make soup in the coffee pot. Second booklet is desserts-- always some winners and duds hiding in these things. Gelatin salads. Black and white food photography.

Seriously may make it a mission to replace much of my new cookware with old cookware.

I resisted buying the butter churn, you'll be glad to hear.

Following a suggestion at Ideas In Food, made a broth by using the pumpkin pulp and seeds and some spices. Delicious. Then after straining, put lb of butter on the pulp and simmered to give a pumpkin-infused butter. Kind of wasted a lot of butter, though-- not sure it yielded up even half of it. They go on to add powdered milk to the butter and brown it/ strain it to yield pumpkin milk solids, but I'm not sure what I'd do with that. Now I have to decide on the best application for the broth and butter. Sweet or savory?

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