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Language Log

Wednesday, Oct. 31, 2012 - 5:35 a.m.

I will not go into yesterday's biggest trauma, the pea soup over pasta incident. Not in detail. I have covered it already on FB. Let's just say it was as you suspected: my mother. And she said it was "really good", so clearly thought the action was justified.

That and her tendency to call Q's meltdowns "performances". That's a close second. She's of the "tantrums are thrown to manipulate you" school of thought. I know deeply, personally, that she's wrong, but I can never explain it to her. For so many reasons.

When she takes Q and plays with her, I am very glad she's here. She is a help. And no one is perfect. I just wish she could hear me. But that's precisely the issue, isn't it? If she could, the point would be moot.

We've officially given up on getting Q into a Halloween costume. U will be a hot pepper (2.50 at the resale shop), and we will stay home and hand out candy so she can see what it's all about. Maybe next year.

I want caramel apples, homemade caramels. Unrelatedly, eggnog. Right now I want a bowl of watm squash purée with marmalade. Mmm. It's a good thing using have eggnog. I think 5:30am is too early to drink.

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