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Monday, Nov. 05, 2012 - 10:42 a.m.

And now it is Christmas stockings. I will not take it too seriously, but try to appreciate the silliness of it all.

MIL wants to buy stockings for Xmas here. She has lovely handmade ones she did for everyone, but reasonably wants to keep them at their house and not schlep them west.

I feel that stockings are the sort of thing that parents should choose and buy. I don't know why, it just seems that way to me. J says it's just about her really enjoying shopping and getting to pick out stuff like this (she loves decorating, loves Christmas, and of course loves giving to her grandchildren, so I suppose it was overdetermined that she would want to buy the stockings).

So we (J) told her thank you, we'd keep the ones she suggested in mind, but we'd like to look around and choose them ourselves, maybe look at Etsy, etc. She has sent 3 (or 4?) emails (subject line: "on a mission". Really? Your mission? I thought we just said we wanted this mission) this morning with additional suggestions for places to look (because it is so difficult to find places selling stockings this time of year). She already surveyed Etsy for us and declared that she doesn't like the ones that came up. (I tend to agree, but...that's not the point. Whose tastes are the relevant ones here?)

Re: one site she mentioned that a friend of hers "gets her family's stockings there", which makes me wonder...how often does she buy stockings? If just for the grandchildren, that explains it...I guess it isn't unusual for the grandmother to take over these duties. When the other parties are not interested, that's fine. But.

Hah hah. Keeping my sense of humor and perspective here. No, really, I am!

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