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Wednesday, Nov. 07, 2012 - 5:19 a.m.


I just want to tell the Romney supporters, it's ok. Your fears are unfounded.

In sleep news, Q took a long nap yesterday, then didn't fall asleep until 11:30pm. Then she wakes up at 1:30am and comes to sleep in our bed. Then I get up to feed U at 4, and she's awake (again? Still?). She was laying still, so I hoped she'd drift off again, but U was in his morning wake period, so I summoned J (sleeping in the chair since there wasn't room in the bed). So he laid down, I went to the living room with U....and then a half hour later, out cones Q followed by a very sleepy J. Then I tried to get her back to sleep with back rubbing. That was comfortable for a little while, but then she was up again. Wanting to play. By then it was nearly 6am, so now we've conceded that it is in fact morning, and are playing.

Poor J. He has to teach today. No sleep, and probably still has a lot of prep to do. At least class is in the late afternoon. But still.

An hoping Q will take a very early nap. I mean, she's had...4 hours of sleep max? Crazy.

So this is what I am thinking about instead of election results.

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