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Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2012 - 8:31 a.m.

And to those parents who suggested that having 2 children was not much more work than having one, they can go fuck themselves.

J stayed up till 4am, working and juggling U so I could get some sleep. Then as he was about to come to bed, Q woke up and he had to go to her (because I was nursing U, and because I wouldn't have sufficed anyhow). Then a little after 6am, she woke again. Went into full meltdown, and I had to give U to J so I could deal with it. (It was all about feelings over the new baby, and she just needed to vent, in her way). Calmed down, but then U started up squalling as I was trying to make her breakfast-- wasn't happy anywhere. Probably hungry. So I had to let him scream while I made her eggy toast. 3 pieces, successively.

Next up, her diaper change, which will probably have to happen while he cries, too. And no time for fun stuff, like playing with trains or reading. So I manage to feel I'm doing them both a disservice.

And poor J-- does he get father of the year award or what? As hard as this is, I can't imagine doing it alone or with a spouse who assumes it's all my job no matter what.

Well, finished nursing U and guess what? He's screaming again.

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