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Sunday, Nov. 18, 2012 - 6:37 a.m.

Was I still sick in my last entry? Or had I recovered? I could look, but I'm too lazy.

Yesterday was ok. No giant tantrum. That counts as a success these days. Also I made pie. I know, it's right before thanksgiving, and here I've done used up one of my frozen pies. It's ok. Q wanted pie. I'm trying to win her over decisively to the pie camp-- as opposed to cake-- so I thought it was important to provide pie if possible when requested (provided it's not requested too often).

U has been enjoying laying on his back looking around and kicking. 7 week old playtime. He can lay there for a long time for such a young person. Like, a half hour if he's in the right mood. And then he's exhausted from all that hard work, and generally takes a long nap afterward.

I have been carefully trying not to think about jewelry designs. It will just frustrate me. This is the time of year when I start to think about silk screening. I will try not to think about that this year, either. Q has a composition she's working on on the chalkboard-- she doesn't really draw, she just makes vertical lines-- and I have left it up there and every few days she gets out a piece of chalk, adds a couple of vertical lines, and puts the chalk away. At this point it's got layers of color-- mostly red over white, a little blue thrown into the bottom layers. It's very interesting looking. I think I should find a way to work like that-- one satisfying, brief motion that I repeat daily. Maybe at some point there would be an object to show for it. Maybe not. But it would be easy to fit it into my day, and would satisfy some of my creative urges.

Update: had some of the pie. It is delicious. A FB friend of mine was recently unceremoniously dumped by another FB friend of mine, his partner of several years. Wrote me to basically ask if I had any insight, either into her motives or perspective on how he might have failed as a faculty spouse (she's an academic). Unfortunately, I have nothing to offer-- I don't really know her that well. She did not confide in me. But I am constantly surprised by how often people dump other people in long-standing relationships without ever going them a clear heads up that there's a problem. Why is communication so elusive for so many people?

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