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Language Log

Monday, Nov. 26, 2012 - 6:35 a.m.

Still working on selecting the Xmas stockings. We have to run it by mil for approval first. Actually, I'm not sure why we're running it by her. So she can coordinate the stockings she's buying for them to go with ours? I don't know. It's all very strange to me. Which is how she characterized our proposed choices--"very strange". Because they didn't all match, I guess? Horrors! (Ok, to be fair, due to a link glitch she seemed to think that we had selected the same stocking for both kids, which would indeed be strange. But still.)

Have become a bit obsessed with origami. Origami always left me a bit cold--what's the point?-- but since I got that pinwheel idea in my head, I'm rather taken with the idea of making bajillions of little origami things out of scrap paper and doing...something...with them. Garlands for Q's room. A Christmas wreath for the in-laws' rental. And maybe just some to leave around for people to find. Maybe drifts of them.

Actually not the best idea to satisfy my urge to create-- it requires 2 hands, time, and attention. You gotta cut the paper first. Then all the folding. In the beginning, consultation of diagrams as well.

Got a new calligraphy brush and some watercolor ink. Maybe I should just hang a piece of paper on the wall and make 2-3 gestures at it per day. That might be more successful. (Then someday when I have time, I can turn it into origami, or jewelry, or a book).

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