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Saturday, Dec. 01, 2012 - 7:18 a.m.

Still puzzling over origami. So freakin pointless. But I've made a couple little 16-point stars and found the process absorbing in a good way. I always have to try to complicate things. I get frustrated when I can't complicate them. I this case, it's because it's paper. Paper has a reservoir of meaning for me, and yet origami speaks to me so little. That is a challenge.

An exploration of Internet origami sites has yielded nothing that truly appeals. Origami practitioners are purists. It's about structure, operating within a small set of rules. What "counts" and what doesn't. All fine and dandy but not something that inspires me.

There are some installations out there-- big origami, tiny origami, multitudinous origami on walls or hanging from ceilings. But even my favorite, Mme. Maurice's urban origami installations, seem a bit underdeveloped to me. Interesting concept, nice folding, nice contrast in shapes and colors used, but not all it could be. Realizing emergent patterns in the color of the groupings-- haven't turned up a good example of that. That could be interesting. Mostly you just see rainbows. Whoopie. Rainbows.

Color. Mosaic. Repetition. Bring into alignment with my other interests. Text.

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