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Language Log

Tuesday, Dec. 04, 2012 - 6:50 a.m.

We went to the art museum yesterday to try to find an affordable yet stylish menorah for the upcoming fried food festivities, but the museum was closed and then our car battery died. But not before we went to the shops across the street where I impulse-bought pottery. Even a tea bowl for myself. What am I doing buying pottery for myself on December?! It was only $6. I liked it. And also a very small pottery mug for Q. She had her first hot chocolate the other day, but ate it with a spoon. So now she has a little mug (probably intended to be an espresso cup, but whatever.)

Anyhow, we still don't have a menorah, but our Xmas tree is up and today our cleaners come and we're going to have to face the music and explain why our menorah isn't up. I think I'm going to pretend we just have to dig it out of storage somewhere. I can't bring myself to admit to them that we don't actually have one yet.

Our cleaners think we're a lot more Jewish than we are.

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