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Tuesday, Dec. 18, 2012 - 6:24 a.m.

Got some Christmas shopping done yesterday. I'm a terrible Christmas shopper. I always come back with stuff for myself. Yesterday it was ginger balsamic vinegar and a Sandra Boynton book (ok, for Q, not me, but she doesn't need it, she's getting plenty).

We for my mom a stocking too, and now I have to find stuff to fill it.

I can't believe the "hey you know, if we all just prayed more, there wouldn't be any more shootings!" Nonsense is finding so much traction. Even my cousin, the one whose niece is mentally ill and violent, been constant difficulty for years and ears now-- these people pray with the est of them. And how much good has it done them? It reminds me of the story of the guy drowning who keeps passing on opportunities for rescue because he thinks prayer alone will do the trick. Spoiler: it doesn't. Maybe "God" wants us to pass gun control legislation and take care of the sick among us. Ever think of that, all you holier than thous? (No, I don't mean you.)

I'm gonna go post something mildly snarky to that effect on my FB. I feel like pickin a fight today. Update: I posted something but it wasn't snarky. I am sincere about wanting to have constructive conversations with my Conservative friends. at least to show each other we are not just political stereotypes. But here's my cynical view of the prayer business: the Christian Right has not simply called for more prayer as the antidote to other social issues that trouble them. Abortion, gay rights spring to mind. What's different here? A substantial portion of their base might actually be moved to support gun control legislation and mental health care initiatives if not shoved back in line ASAP. So get the propaganda arm of the party (FOX news) mobilized to reframe the discussion as one about faith, then they'll all get busy parroting their prophets and the NRA and Club for Growth won't lose any of their precious power. I really believe it may have happened just like that.

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