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Saturday, Jan. 05, 2013 - 8:38 a.m.

Q's pre-birthday party yesterday. J and I made a train cake. We ate pizza. Q got another small truckload of stuff. She liked: the Pooh story book (Disney-style, not Milne), the rescue vehicle play set, the toy crane that you build, and the train set extension set. She had no interest in the play foam, the Madeline doll, the puzzle, or the Mother Goose game. The Little Engine That Could game got some interest since the pieces are little train engines.

Between Christmas and her birthday, she received something like 5 different board games. MIL apparently thinks she should play games. She said: "I'd like her to play games." Again a weird bit of attempted engineering of leisure activities, but whatever. I have nothing against that per se, but I think I'd expose her to one or two (perhaps the one they got her in June, or the one they got her in November) and see if she develops any interest before throwing more money at a pastime she may not choose to pursue.

I suppose we could cultivate game-playing in her. I'm not into board games myself, though, so it'll have to be J.

They're all heading home today. Q is going to miss them. I am looking forward to a period of kale and reduced sugar and salt intake.

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