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Thursday, Mar. 07, 2013 - 5:09 p.m.

Back home again. All glad to be here. Today was spent in a frenzy of real estate related activity-- another engineer coming to look at the prospective house, looking at a couple of other possible houses to see if maybe there's something we might like better. It would appear that indeed there is not.

So we're negotiating to have them fix the big stuff, give a price reduction for the rest. Am becoming able to see us in this house, and soon. Fingers crossed.

The garage where my studio was to be is, upon reflection, unsuitable (one wall of it sort of resembles a cheap wooden fence that someone has caulked halfassedly) in that a breeze could blow my work away even with all the doors shut. And there'd be no keeping the dust out. So we're thinking we'll tear it down and build a new, very similar structure ASAP. But one that's up to code and not quite so open to the elements.

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