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Tuesday, Mar. 19, 2013 - 1:35 p.m.

More marmalade. (I haven't forgotten you, WordyW-- when I find a box that isn't ridiculously oversized, I'll fling it your way!). Mandarin quay, rose, vanilla, garam masala.

Looks like they have already charged my card for the resin. Seems they acquire payment a lot more quickly than they return phone calls. Lets hope they ship on a timeline more resembling the former as well.

Reason not to say stupid, intelligence-insulting shit to kids: they will say it to you as well. And to their mother. "Can you say, 'blue', Mommy?". "Blue."

I've been thinking for a couple of months now about starting a pop-up loose parts play event. Cf Pop-up Adventure Playgrounds. Mainly because if someone else had one, I'd totally take Q every time. I've been hesitating on account of not having time, not knowing how to organize it, not wanting to commit anything to it, not wanting to collect tons of materials only to never follow through and thus end up with a storage locker full of stuff I can't use but can't bear to get rid of. And on account of I don't really have any cool ideas about what to make/how to do it. That's a lot of half assed reasons, there. But I still have a feeling I should do it, because it doesn't exist here and I wish it did. I could begin on a very small scale-- some boxes, lids, tape, miscellany, take it to the playground when I know there tend to be kids there, and let 'er rip. the worst that can happen is I have to stop by the recycling bins on the way home.

Maybe after we move. Or in the fall, when people con out of summer hibernation.

I have a fantasy about doing a really big one in conjunction with the children's museum here.

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