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Language Log

Thursday, Mar. 21, 2013 - 7:21 a.m.

They won't be charging us a penalty for breaking our lease to move into the house, but we do have to let them show this place to find new renters. This means decluttering now and keeping it ready to show. THe thought of that makes my head hurt. They'll want to see the room serving as my studio, which is a giant mess. Consider me daunted.

Took an initial load of extraneous clutter to storage yesterday. Must plug away, is all.

Working on book necklaces. I would like to have 3 price points, but have only come up with one basic design. Trying to figure out how to make one simpler and still appealing, and one-two more elaborate and even more appealing. Maybe a showpiece or two to sell the lower price points. Maybe I shouldn't bother with the lowest price point ($40). Having a hard time finding a strategy to add value that isn't simply 'more of the same'. That won't necessarily sell, or impress.

I need to invest in more interesting chains. That's an easy way to add value, and you seldom see things on plain vanilla chains in galleries. I'm just kind of cheap about that part and also afraid to raise my prices. But I should probably try it.

Hey, you know what else I should try? Filling orders in a timely manner. *sigh*

Actually getting a little time to myself this morning. I don't expect it'll last much longer, but man am I enjoying it.

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