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Language Log

Thursday, Mar. 28, 2013 - 6:21 a.m.

J delved into the internet and we now think the mystery rodent is a round-tailed ground squirrel. I never thought it was a squirrel-- there are other squirrels here that are more recognizably squirrely, and this thing isn't. But the pictures the internet has provided us do look like the beast in question. Thank you, internet!

One FB friend of mine from high school- someone who I was friends with then and who I mostly continue to like now-- has on three occasions now posted horrendously misogynistic memes. Two were jokes about child rape, one was just playing straight up violence against women for laughs. I have registered my opinion in the comments each time, but it's kinda pissing me off. Just goes to show you though. He runs a comic store-- so geek culture, video game culture, pervasiveness of this type of thing. I'm not sure what else to do. I don't think I'll defriend him over it, but I sure hope he'll eventually think twice about reposting this crap. We have historically been on the same wavelength about a lot of things and I think he respected me back in the day, so maybe if it's me...? But I probably flatter myself.

Really enjoying Ta-Nehisi Coates' Departures blog series. He's in France for language immersion. His experience of immersive experiences is lot like mine (although our backgrounds could hardly be more different) and he writes it so beautifully.

Finally, have been entertaining the notion of making and selling hand pies at the farmers' market. If I can qualify for that program to sell baked goods prepared in a home kitchen. It would combine two of my best things-- marmalade and pie. I don't really know if it would pay or be worth the effort, but I refuse to talk myself out of it before I even start. I made some last night with spelt dough, my lemontine cinnamon marmalade and a rum glaze. The rum was not really discernable, but they were pretty darn good.

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