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Language Log

Thursday, Apr. 25, 2013 - 7:23 a.m.

Reading the new Michael Pollan book. Came to it as someone who likes what I've heard of him, without having read anything of his actually. Like the idea of it: "Everyone should try to cook more!" Then was made aware that those who deconstruct such things find it all very problematic in terms of race, class, gender. And J pointed out how moralistic it is. So I find I'm still enjoying it and agreeing, but now I feel like an asshole for doing so. Like if I were really enlightened and liberal, I'd hate him too. Guess I'm not. Or I'll say, I guess I can acknowledge the shortcomings of his work and say that for who I am, where I am (his target audience, after all), it is not problematic. But that that doesn't hold for everyone.

Not much moving or getting the house ready yet. The cleaners came yesterday. Carpet cleaners tomorrow. I hope to get started painting today.

Printed the submarine shirt for Q. Also a onesie for U. They are both bluegreen with a pink sub. Had to walk the walk on that when it came to U, but I won't say I didn't hesitate. Then with a defiant "colors are for everyone!" I put block to cloth and it was done. And I feel good about it. MIL won't like it--perfect example of someone being so gung-ho on pink for girls and all "what's wrong with girly?" but then when it's a boy in question, it's "no grandson of mine will ever own a pink sock/bike/washcloth/sponge/whatever". Well, which is it? Nothing wrong with pink...or not?

I know the answer to that, of course.

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