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Language Log

Wednesday, May. 22, 2013 - 6:59 a.m.

The downside to little birds in my backyard is that they sit on the patio furniture and poop on it and the patio so I have to scrub it every day before the baby crawls in it. I want poopless songbirds. Is that so much to ask?

Been reading inspirational stuff about goals that comes up in my FB feed every now and then. I'm sorry to say I don't feel like I have any goals at the moment. I just want a chance to make cool stuff again. To say nothing of selling it. Art shows? Not on the horizon at this point. I could take this time to explore, but I don't have a place to do so nor time.

The damn resin people still haven't sent the resin or acknowledged my phone calls, though they sure did charge my card. I start to fantasize about what I can do with resin and then come up short-- I don't have any. Can't get any. Dammit all.

From down here on the floor in U's room I can see that the previous paint job was half-assed. They didnt finish painting the window trim. The room used to be red. Now it's brown with a patch if light blue where I ran out of time.

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