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Language Log

Monday, May. 27, 2013 - 8:30 a.m.

Many social engagements over the last few days. Some involved other young children and Q did very well. Wnough that I think maybe I should start inviting children overfor her to play with. Today we're going to other friends' house for swimming and popsicles. I am in charge of the popsicles. Creamy lemon and maybe a strawberry for the non-dairy-eating person there.

Finally got a loaf of bread made. It feels like home now. Actually, we are making steady progress. The table is not yet clear, but you can sort of walk all the way around it now. We've been eating all our meals outside, but it's getting a bit hot to do that at lunchtime.

U got 2 more teeth, which explains his bad sleep. That's a total of 6. That seems like a lot for an 8 month old, but there it is. Ouch.

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