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Language Log

Thursday, Jul. 04, 2013 - 7:55 a.m.

Saw a recipe yesterday for grilled peaches with white chocolate drizzled on them. It doesn't sound good to me. No.

I'm thinking about starting a Pinterest board just for stuff that I think is a really bad idea. Mostly food. Here's another one: chocolate pudding pie with pomegranate seeds on top. NO.

Supposed to be going to a neighborhood parade today. But it starts at 9 and they get ready at 8:30 and so we'd have to leave at 8. Our friends who invited us both have real jobs and their children are acclimated to a schedule. But we were like, no. Too early. See you mid morning.

Yesterday we visited with one of MIL's friends, and it occurred to me that what is going to be hardest for her about our homeschooling choice is that she will have to explain it to every single one of her many, many friends. She will be different. That will be painful for her, every time she has a conversation about her grandchildren from the moment they reach school age. Unless she chooses to own it. Her social pain is not really my chief concern, but I guess I do feel for her future self.

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