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Language Log

Friday, Jul. 26, 2013 - 6:52 a.m.

The sleeping all the way through the night thing has not recurred. Dangit.

Made chicken and biscuits last night. How I love biscuits. I said it last night and I'll say it again, good biscuits are not that hard to make. There's really no excuse for all the bad biscuits in the world.

Q is back to normal on trying some new things. It's almost always just kinds of meat that she'll try, but she ate some fig this week, too, so there's that. And we're making some headway on watermelon. Did I mention that when we were in Memphis and ate at our friends' house, their daughter (who they feed pretty much exactly the opposite of how we do Q) was eating these microwaved chicken nuggets and Q wanted to try one. So we let her try one. She literally spit it out. It is shameful how much pleasure I take in that.

I hope to make some headway on the painting this week. Also dyeing the latest shirts for Q&U (red shirts, blue airplane). And maybe some peach jam. Is that too ambitious? I think not.

This week in language:
1. A FB friend from hs (not a good friend, more of a colleague I feel amiable toward) posted something, but every word was capitalized. I had read a thread of his recently where someone else did this, too. I have only seen it there. He moves in a very different circle than I do-- is this a thing for his social network? It seems like a lot of work. Is Every Word Capitalization the new caps lock?

2. The construction "Because NP". It seems recent. I only began noticing it last year. Is this the Recency illusion? I have a sense of its semantics, too, but my hand is too tired to type all that in on my phone. We can talk about it if you want to, though. Maybe I'll get to go upstairs and use the desktop while BIL is here, too.

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