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Language Log

Monday, Sept. 09, 2013 - 7:52 a.m.

Ahhhh, it's only 70 degrees out. And raining! The coolest it's been in months. And the last tjme it rained in the morning...last February, maybe? I do miss that. The stay in with tea and cat and book weather (and also the solitude that's supposed to go with it). I want to open all the windows in the house, but most of them won't open, having been painted shut decades ago and/or their cranks removed. Still, the doors are open.

Pizza night. Pumpkin blondies with specloos frosting left over from my mom's birthday cake (in freezer since March). I bought a gigantic tub of spinach at Costco and have been eating it by the handful in the mornings because I am determined to get through it before it turns to goop. I don't really like green smoothies.

Toy train museum yesterday. After looking forward to it all day, Q declared she didn't want to go in once we got there. We sort of had to drag her in kicking and screaming. Well, complaining loudly on J's shoulders. Once she got inside and saw all the trains, she was good to go. At ine point she said, "trains trains trains trains trains trains!!!". And then we had a hard time getting her out of there.

U almost walking. So close!

No orders this month yet. Usually this is the busy month. If nothing comes in, I'll build my stock up, get some new designs up, and place an ad in the spring Buyer's Guide. Then maybe next September I'll get a couple orders. *sigh*

Philosopher party on Saturday, culminating in wild tarantula sighting. Q was determined to take her shoes off to climb over the rocks to it so she could poke it with a little stick the way the grad student was doing to make it move so everyone could see. Great time to decide to emulate someone else's behavior.

Then yesterday, 3 foot gopher snake in the Albertson's parking lot. The wilderness comes to visit! Q was in car and too sleepy from train museum to get involved with the snake, though.

Got the new copy of Edible magazine for Baja AZ. Love that magazine. Makes me want to do nothing but eat at local restaurants and garden. Now I kind of want to make the whole courtyard between the house and casita a veg garden. Hang shade cloth over it. Grey water. Kind of a big project for a fundamentally lazy gardener such as myself, but I may give it a go. I know where I'll put the compost heap. (I should have done something with rainwater harvesting before the end of monsoon, but you know how I am).

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