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Language Log

Wednesday, Sept. 25, 2013 - 10:23 a.m.

U has transformed into one of these limpets who hangs onto your legs and cries when you just want to walk to the fridge to get a bit of milk for tea. All the time with the hanging into my legs. I don't remember Q doing that. It's simultaneously really cute and really annoying.

I long for a couple of hours of child-free time in which I can do the following: wash the dust off the patio, vacuum the play room, mop the casita, finish painting the casita, U's room, and the kitchen; go through our crap to identify and isolate stuff we can give away.

Second order stuff I would do: finish the jewelry I'm working on. File my sales tax returns that I'm 2 months behind on. Shovel out the planter full of rocks and dog poop and put something more fun in it. Carve some linoleum and print with it. Print that airplane dress for Q. Make another one for her, a wasp or a copepod. Wasps and jellyfish and Copepoda are seriously underrepresented on children's clothing. Make the outdoor music wall for the kids. Buy sand and fill in the long narrow planter and put fun stuff in it, too.

That's all. When I finished that, I would watch the last 2 seasons of Supernatural and then take a nap. I think all this would take 3 days tops and then I could spend another 3 years with small children immobilizing me.

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