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Friday, Nov. 22, 2013 - 5:56 a.m.

In-laws arrived last night. So it begins. They brought us furniture for the kids. Despite our telling them repeatedly that we didn't want anything like that and didn't have anywhere to put anything, they surprised us with furniture. Small furniture, but still. And one thing mil put work into-- sewed little liners for the baskets, so it's extra-hard to reject it.


Also a little table and plastic chairs for outside. Because what the outside needed was something very light weight that the baby could try climbing that will fall over and make him go bonk. Because it wasn't good enough that we have a yard they can just play in while I do something else at the other end of it; now we have this hazardous tiny furniture so I'll have to stay right by him all the time when we're outside instead of turning him loose to eat dirt so I can dig my hole.


Got into a FB argument with a friend of a friend. The guy is a dick! But now every time I see a comment by him, I'm gonna have the urge to snipe. I have other things to so! I suppose the annoyance will fade with time.

We saw a bacon and rosemary pecan pie on a menu and now I'm going to have to make that for the pie pachanga.

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