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Language Log

Thursday, Dec. 05, 2013 - 1:46 p.m.

I have no Christmas spirit.
I am still eating pie multiple times a day.
Q was invited to a princess-themed birthday party. I went back and forth on it but decided to let her go. It's at the gym and she should get to know the girls in her class a bit more, and I expect she'll have fun. I definitely have my reservations, though.

Q keeps pushing other kids when se wants a turn at whatever they're on. Still shows no signs of empathy. Today she stepped in J's foot by accident in her shoes and clearly just thought it was funny that he was hurt. This is hard work. Contrast her with U, who always cries when Q is crying, and is visibly worried even if it's just another child he doesn't know.

We are going to be at the in-laws' for almost a month. It includes a bonus trip to NJ. I am dreading it more than I can say.

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