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Language Log

Sunday, Jan. 19, 2014 - 8:10 a.m.

All the pie was really good. As was the cake. The gliders went over well enough. We met a new baby. U laughed when she sneezed repeatedly.

Someone asked after kindergarten plans and I whispered about the homeschooling because my mom was there, and the person's son said something about how he didn't understand why people did that. A word from a 7 year old and suddenly I'm second-guessing myself-- I found myself remembering all the fun parts of school, especially elementary school, and wondering if this is a bad plan I have. Worrying that she won't want to learn from me, she'll want to go to school because that's what she's heard is done, and it won't work at all. She won't try writing and her drawing is still scribbles-- no attempt to control her hand. Maybe someone else could interest her in it more. I also daydreamed a little about having free time.

But I'm not really second-guessing it. Just regular worrying. She's too young for all that, and when she's ready, we'll get her there. She would be so unhappy with all the listening and clapping.

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