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Language Log

Thursday, Feb. 06, 2014 - 5:41 a.m.

I went to bed early last night, and have gained some thinking time in the early morning.

No headway with the jewelry ideas, but have been thinking a lot about beading. Gluing beads to things. You know what would be interesting? Beading tiles (like, floor tiles, because we have a bunch of them left here by the previous owners), to hang. Beading what? Using various vintage materials-- vintage children's book illustrations, for one thing, but then tricked out in my own color whimsy. That's one idea. Another idea is manuscripts. Like, find an awesome bit of illumination and bead it. Cartography is another possibility.

Beading is a lot of work, but I kind of like the juxtaposition-- or the idea of it, anyway. And those manuscripts, they were a lot of work for their scribes, too.

A lot of my early morning ideas turn out to be terrible, so we'll see how this one looks in the light if day. I just can't remember shit if I don't write it down. (I don't even refer to it-- but the act of writing it helps solidify it).

Also, my own resin and paper bits are viable cabochons. And resin could in principle be used to give added dimensionality to a flat tile surface.

Q has picked up my phrase, "I have an idea!". Hah.

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