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Language Log

Friday, Feb. 21, 2014 - 9:39 a.m.

I am still sick. The cleaners are coming today. All U wants to do us follow me around as I pick up, putting whatever I just picked up back on the floor along with whatever was next to it wherever I put it. Either that or cry because I got audibly irritated with this behavior. And then nurse to reassure himself that I still love him even though I said something to him like "Jesus Christ, cut it the fuck it already!"

Now he just wants to crawl all over me, and I still have to clean the cat litter. While I hate him into the playroom to clean the cat litter, he will throw all the shit I just picked up back onto the floor.

I get irritated when everything when I am trying to pick up our cluttered house. I only have like 3 shirts I wear, why are there all these clothes in there? I am going to get rid of all of them. Same with the shoes. Use it or lose it.

Nice going to the park with just U yesterday. The wandering, freestyle, easy exploring. None of the negotiations over when to go-- either in the way there or the way home.

Our doc was kind enough to mention that Q seemed a little under-socialized. I don't think I like our doctor. Unless you think it's something that requires intervention, it really just serves to amplify worries. Think we're gonna have to find a new doctor.

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