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Sunday, Mar. 09, 2014 - 8:41 a.m.

New idea! This is a good one!

Drill holes in smooth, round river rocks or smaller pebbles (imagining anywhere between 1" and 5"). Bead weave them into gigantic beaded awesomeness. Use natural variations in coloring for patterns, or tint some, or paint some.

This is a good one! I always say that, but it's usually true. Now to learn how to drill rocks. *********later********* I had chocolate with handfuls of sliced almonds for lunch. It was ridiculous. I looked into the rock-drilling situation. Looks like I will need a) a hammer drill or maybe a drill stand with a diamond core bit. Also it may have to be done in water. It depends on how big the stone is and how hard it is. I am going to talk to the woman at the rock place and see if she can give me any advice. Or maybe I can just hire someone to do some for me at first so I can play with the idea without having to first acquire expensive equipment and skills. Because who wants to acquire skills? Pshaw! Also it can take a really long time to do. Rocks don't get their reputation from nowhere. Actually I will be excited to learn the skills if there's a good reason...but I want to get excited about the weavings as a motivation to invest in the drilling equipment and learning. Should I use rope or stainless steel cable? Steel, obviously.

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