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Monday, Mar. 17, 2014 - 7:08 a.m.

Perched on the end of our bed where everyone else is sleeping, drinking tea and eating buttered toast. No jam today. Just salty butter from Costco.

Why not just make paper sheets, you ask? (@jessie). Well, for one thing, I still have a folder full of paper sheets I made 15 years ago that I haven't found anything to do with (other than occasional experiments to see what else I can do with them). And then, there's my dream of doing well enough selling my handmade paper stuff to fund trips away during the summer to make more paper. My vision is to have an awesome line of something that used specific information about where/when it was processed to add interest (and value). And then every year we all travel to different, climatically milder places where we have adventures and I make paper. That still sounds like a lot of fun to me, and I had that idea 4 years ago. It needs to be at least partially self-funding, though.

I keep coming back to the undeniable fact that I am a jewelry maker first. My best thinking has happened in that medium. Probably I should be directing my efforts there. I introduced a limited line of handmade paper jewelry pieces and they didn't do very well-- possibly I didn't have enough done to let people get a feel for it. Possibly they were not interesting enough to get the money I was asking. I can work on those things. Maybe I should charge 3x as much. Lol.

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