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Language Log

Thursday, Mar. 20, 2014 - 3:05 p.m.

Yesterday at the art galleries in Tubac I once again had the feeling my work would not belong. Been a while since I felt that. I will disregard.

I am not sure this paper airplane nonsense is wise. It doesn't really fit. That may be good or it may not. A little flimsy paper thing, amidst all that metal splendor. Ah, well. I think it'll be fun to do for a bit and I have my artist's intuition about it, so. Why not see what I can do?

But what I saw at the big sculpture gallery: one artist they had was doing it right (more than one, but let's focus, shall we?). Giant outside sculptures. Inside, smaller affluent house size sculptures. THEN a line of jewelry with the same images. THEN a series of painted works. All using the same basic image. That's how you work it. Is that still an artist? Not sure.

Anyway, FOCUS.

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