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Saturday, Apr. 12, 2014 - 12:33 p.m.


I cooked up some mung beans and made a spicy yogurt to dress them, and am really enjoying it. I have to cut back in sugar, because I have basically been on a serious daily sugar kick ever since the thanksgiving pies. And my pants are not fitting well now. I do not want to have to go pants shopping; they're expensive and I hate pants shopping. So the mung beans may help, I hope. And oranges.

I have some caterpillars on my orange tree. They will turn into butterflies. I find that people are very two-faced about their love of butterflies. They're all like, "ooh, butterflies so pretty! Gonna use them as a decorating motif!", but then when they have a caterpillar on their plant, they're like "eew, omigod, it's gonna kill my plant! Gotta kill it first! Faster pussycat, squish squish poison!"

I'm gonna take a chance. Worst case scenario, I buy another tree and learn a lesson. Best case, I get some butterflies, my tree recovers, and I get to feel smug.

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