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Language Log

Tuesday, Apr. 22, 2014 - 12:25 p.m.

In laws heading home today. I actually feel pretty sad about it, because I know how much Q and U are going to miss them. And I didn't mind having a bit of free time, either. But mainly, the kids will miss them so much.

Well, tomorrow we'll probably start planning our summer trip to see them and I can start dreading that. Because all my plants will die.

There, see? Annoyed already. That's better.

I went to the plant nursery and got a bunch more herbs that now I don't know where to put them all. More mint? 3 kinds of thyme? What was I thinking?

They had just watered them and the smell of herbs was everywhere and I was transported to a time when I was about 22 and was just gettin interested in gardening and cooking and had very little going well for me in life...they were a bit if hope and escape. And so that smell takes me there.

I suppose the smell of marmalade will always remind me of when my children were young. I am making another batch now. Grapefruit and honey and...mint. It's a large batch, sure hope the mint isn't a mistake.

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