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Wednesday, Apr. 30, 2014 - 2:05 p.m.

My favorite days are these, when we just sort of fart around in the backyard all morning, then have lunch and U naps and Q and I continue the pattern pretty much the rest of the day.

I feel simultaneously proud and worried. Proud that I have tweaked the backyard into a state that occupies them all morning-- and would have longer if it wasn't nap time-- just playing. My ideal, slow play day. Worried that what, we can't just do this every day, can we? Nobody else just does this and calls it enough. Surely this is not enough entertainment! Enough stimulation! Surely this won't work!

Well, yeah, actually. It will. And farting around is what I do best!

There's quite a lot to do, actually. We have the plants to water, dirt piles to climb and slide down, bubble soap and implements of blowing, a sand box, a noise wall, water table, plastic farm, plastic animals, lots of loose parts, bike, scooter, badminton rackets and birdies, magnifying glass, easel, paper, paints, brushes, chalk, mud pie kitchen with utensils and pots and pans (though no one ever plays with this latter anymore, so I am beginning to think of how to make that enticing again).

Ok, our back yard is awesome. All it needs is a fort building area and we will be set.

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