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Language Log

Wednesday, May. 07, 2014 - 2:09 p.m.

Ordered new glasses! Regular and sunglasses. I am so excited. Can't wait for them to be ready (perhaps literally-- my only pair is now held together with superglue on one side and tape on the other).

Have begun making a compost bin out of a 36 gallon storage bin. I have to drill a lot of holes in it. This venue for decomposition will require chopping things up very fine. More work. But I am excited to compost again.

I remember in Florida, we had a pile out back, but everything broke down so quickly, it would disappear on us. Granted, we didn't compost most of the time, there was never enough to turn, and we didn't know enough about gardening to use it. But I think it made that part of the lawn happy, anyway.

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